This ain’t good at all

A new study shows that girls as young as six years of age are impacted by gender stereotypes that alter their aspirations later in life. We teach them to think only boys can be brilliant.

We need to figure out how to address this, because after all we’ve been through, after the decades of fighting for our equality, and proving that a woman’s place is as much in the board room as in a kitchen, little girls are still growing up feeling “not good enough.”

So, since we’re all fired up to change things, let’s add this one to our list of priorities, shall we?


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  1. Gentlemen's Foundry · July 25

    Or you’re wrong. If you actually READ the study referenced, you would find a sample size of 96. Once. As well as this statement:
    “We considered two possible alternative explanations
    for the results of studies one to four.
    First, because boys are sometimes held back from
    entering the formal schooling system (28), their
    understanding of intellectual ability may be
    delayed relative to girls’ (29), which may inflate
    boys’ confidence about their brilliance (30).”

    You’d also find an inverse correlation for the 5 year old group, which coincides directly with the admission into preliminary education.


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