Trump’s interview with ABC’s David Muir

Wow. I’m still trying to digest all the dissembling and plain bull shit in Trump’s first interview as POTUS. Just saying that triggers my gag reflex.

I don’t quite know where to start, so I ask your patience as I review the transcript and try to form a logical assessment of what transpired. Trump-speak has a bit of a learning curve if you’re not fluent in dog whistle.

So whilst I cogitate on this blizzard of word salad, here are a few little tidbits to hopefully get your dander up, both political and not.

First, what a difference an election makes. It didn’t take guards on our northern border between Canada and  New York to adopt their new boss’ xenophobia. Check out this story about a group of women, 6 Canadian, 2 French, that was turned away from entering the US because they were headed to the Women’s March. They were also told they would not be allowed to enter on future attempts without a visa (not typically required; there are exceptions, but none that apply to these women or the men in the following case.)

A group of men, two of whom are American citizens, had a similar experience when they informed their border agent they were bound for the Inauguration and Women’s March. Writing from Toronto, the Guardian’s Ashifa Kassam writes (emphasis mine): “After an attempted crossing late Thursday, Montreal resident Joseph Decunha said he was also turned away.

He and the two Americans he was with told the border agent that they were planning to attend the inauguration and the women’s march. The group was brought in for secondary processing, where the border agent asked about their political views, Decunha told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. ‘The first thing he asked us, point blank is, ‘Are you anti- or pro-Trump?’

After being fingerprinted and photographed he was told that his two friends could enter the US, but that he could not. ‘They told me I was being denied entry for administrative reasons. According to the agent, my travelling to the United States for the purpose of protesting didn’t constitute a valid reason to cross,’ Decunha said.

He described the experience – particularly the questions he fielded about his political beliefs – as concerning. ‘It felt like, if we had been pro-Trump, we would have absolutely been allowed entry.’ “

What the hell is next? Will we have to sign loyalty oaths to Trumplethinskin to get a passport or pass some other litmus test of our allegiance? I doubt that our border agents are afraid of a few women protesters. They behaved that way just because the could. We shouldn’t let this incident pass without raising some hell about it or it will keep on happening.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting damn tired of fighting the same neanderthals over and over and over…but we can’t break ranks or take our toys and go home out of frustration because that’s when they win. Divide and conquer is successful only when the conqueree allows the conqueror to divide them.

We have to lock arms literally and figuratively for the long haul if we’re serious about saving the world from those who pillage and plunder.

Well, I’m a bit tuckered, so I’m signing off for today.

Happy trails!



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