Holy crap! There really is a mutiny!

What a difference a day makes! Our power and internet service were out for 26 hours due to a winter storm/falling-tree-meets-power lines situation (it was 20 degrees last night!) so once power came back, I was anxious to find out what dastardly deeds Donald-the-thin-skinned committed in that brief time. He’s been hard to keep up with, so I hated to miss a day.I figured that short of a mushroom cloud on the horizon, we’d be safe, because he’d stay busy arguing inaugural crowd size and not do anything truly outrageous or dangerous until either his alternative facts are accepted or he becomes bored with it.

But the intrigue today doesn’t come so much from he-who-must-be-adored but from his White House staffers! Could this be what happens when you dilly and dally and only hire 29 of the 600 or so personnel needed to run the White House and have to ask those who worked for Obama to stay in their jobs for awhile?

I never expected to read about a real mutiny abrewing in the West Wing (not this early in the administration anyway) or that DT would act as paranoid as Bogart’s Capt. Queeg at his most deranged less than two weeks into his administration.

Apparently staffers are hesitant to give him any bad news, for fear of an angry tirade or personal attack in response, such as the one that accompanied the revelation that members of Trump’s staff and family are registered to vote in more than one state, as is his nominee for Treasury Secretary: his daughter Tiffany, son-in-law/foreign policy adviser (allegedly on how policies impact Trump Org profits) Jared Kushner, Trump mouthpiece Sean Spicer and Steve Mnuchin. This is not illegal, of course, unless they voted in both states.

Investigative reporter Bill Palmer of the Palmer Report reveals that what appear to be rogue White House staffers have joined the resistance through a new Twitter account and they give us the 411 on the chaos behind closed doors in the West Wing. You’ll want to follow not only their account, but the other alt-government accounts listed there which were begun in response to Trump’s order to shut down all social media accounts at federal agencies.

If confirmed, this is eye-popping stuff, including Bloomberg’s reporting the curious fact that the new immigration ban excludes  nations  where the Trump Organization has deals happening. Conflict of interest, much?

And there’s this: Mystery death of ex-KGB chief linked to MI6 spy’s dossier on Donald Trump

Posters on the page refer to the “Unholy Trinity” of Pence, Paul Ryan (our future VP, I’d wager) and Priebus who have formed a united front and also that the “voter fraud” investigation (planned to start in states they didn’t win) is just a scheme to discourage/suppress voter turnout in those states in future elections.

Their posts also reveal that Trump’s top advisers now know about the new Twitter account, and that Bannon is on the hunt for the “heretics” in their midst (that DT allegedly called “a mutiny.”

You should probably check it out before someone identifies the staffers and waterboards them or gets it shut down. If it’s all true (maybe we’ll be able to tell by the spin) I think it’s just more evidence that the great, incurious one has no clue how government works.  He doesn’t care how laws are enacted. He only cares that his swamp cabinet nominees get “affirmed” and he’ll take it from there.

I think that from the start of his roadshow, DT fully intended to reign, not govern He expected us to agree to it because, well, how can you not see his greatness and believed he could do most of it by executive fiat, without having to work with Congress except as a last resort.

He doesn’t play well with others because he thinks he doesn’t need them. The man who doesn’t believe in heroes considers himself the best there is at absolutely everything, so who could possibly measure up, much less be a hero?  Not even his father, whom he called a role model as a negotiator.

Eventually, I hope we can make him wrap that ego with his petulance in a bindle and let him slither on home to a pity party in his gold-plated ivory tower in the Big Apple. He is certainly providing us with plenty of ammunition on his own, and the continuing protests after the Women’s March are working on his last nerve.

He thinks he should get a damn ticker tape parade wherever he goes simply because he played to the worst aspects of human nature, lied through his teeth, invited a foreign adversary to commit espionage against our country by hacking the email of one of our candidates for our nation’s highest office. For this, Mr. Runner Up in the Popular vote wants us to kiss his ring in gratitude? Does he seriously expect there to not be hard feelings anywhere after the degrading, hateful campaign he ran? That we would just say forget about it, brush it off as politics as usual and not respond at all to the vile and, yes, deplorable, politics of personal destruction you so haughtily continue to employ?

Is the White House Photoshopping the Oval Office Occupant’s photos to make his hands bigger?

I’m sure this is only the tip of the iceberg, but it’s all I had time to read today….

Our house is nice and toasty again, so count me grateful for the warmth, and to the standing people (trees) who provide the fuel…

Happy trails!



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