Why I’ve been away…

After far too long, I’m back! I apologize for not posting regularly. As a freelance writer, graphic artist and print wiz, I have to work according to my clients’ schedules. I haven’t yet figured out how to turn an obsession with all things political into a living wage. Apparently, content syndicates have a surplus of liberal lesbian loud mouths.

I also don’t get to control whether my clients send work in torrents or trickles. Sometimes I wonder if they conspire to test my limits, everyone holding the brochures, flyers and other projects they need for various advertising purposes until an agreed-upon date that is usually only a week away from when they need product in hand. The past couple of weeks have been like that.

I have also been developing a super-secret endeavor of my own to help us focus and stay motivated, and partially fund, long term, our resistance to the Drumpflethinskin administration and its enablers, particularly House Speaker and Eddie Munster look-alike Paul Ryan, who gleefully rolled out the GOP’s heartless, draconian proposal to replace the Affordable Care Act.

I know that you shouldn’t announce a new endeavor, keep it up for a couple of days, then disappear for two weeks and expect to develop a loyal following. It’s a classic newbie fatal error. But: 1) I got struck with this idea out of the blue; 2) it can’t succeed if I diddle around until someone else beats me to it; 3) it gives us visual inspiration to fuel our resistance.

I’ve obsessed over finishing my project since the idea struck. Because I’m one of those folks that if something pops into my head, it often comes out of my mouth, unfiltered. Some people call that being direct. Some say blunt. Others, terse. Some even tag it nakedly honest.

But I’ve often called it trouble, especially if it is truthful. I know that there is a limit to the human interactions I can engage in before I spill the beans about my idea to someone I shouldn’t. I haven’t yet pinned down exactly how many that is, so any number above 3 puts me at risk of exposure.

Right now, I’m up to around 10.

So I am trying to focus my every effort on getting it ready for its grand debut, and I hope you’ll stick with me until I can get back to regular posts after my secret comes out.

I have been paying attention to current political events even though I haven’t been commenting. How could I not, with every day revealing some development on our national stage that I find wrong-headed or abhorrent? I’m not saying that when Dems are in power that we are perfect, or are situational ethics-averse, or are always on the right side of history because we aren’t. Nobody could be. We’re having a human experience, which is by definition, flawed. Life is a continual classroom. I don’t know about you, but learning, for me, has always required at least a mistake or two. How you deal with them is a reflection of your character.

But I can count on one hand the times when I felt that the leaders of the party allowed Schadenfreude to become policy. The GOP proposal is so heinous, even members of their own party are howling that it is a giveaway to insurance companies at the American peoples’ expense. According to ABC News:

“David Certner, the legislative counsel and legislative policy director for government affairs at AARP, said the plan will ‘stunningly raise’ premiums for older Americans. ‘This is a national problem, in terms of the fact that the older and lower income you are, the bigger the premium hike.'”

The noose seems to be tightening as well around the Drumpflethinskin cabal’s denials of anything other than accidental campaign contacts with the Russian government and its agents. And it’s about damn time.

The Smoking Gun  is reported yesterday that lifelong #45 pal and fellow Roy Cohn protege Roger Stone was in frequent contact with Guccifer, a social media identity US intelligence agencies believe was created and operated under the direction of the highest levels of the Kremlin. Guccifer claims to be the “person” who hacked the Democratic National Committee and uploaded purloined sensitive documents to Wikileaks.

There’s so much smoke surrounding Russian tampering in our elections and the Drumpfster-driven easing of the verbal wrist slap for Kremlin hacking in the Republican party platform that I expect a one of the many investigators from 17 agencies will discover a barbecued quid pro quo paper trail and use the picked-over bones to tempt some of the lesser players in this scandal into ratting out their bosses. Considering the mysterious deaths of nine people allegedly connected to Guccifer and the broader scandal, I’d think that would be an easy sell.

For some excellent reporting on the Russia scandal and other burning topics, I highly recommend Bill Palmer at the Palmer Report.

Thanks for reading, for hanging with me and for your continued support!