My finished project to help the resistance

I hope all of you who are supporters of the Resistance movement will help me raise money for our non-profits and new media outlets active in the struggle, most of whom are either under attack from the Trump agenda or are woefully undercapitalized to do what they must to keep us informed and involved.

I have created an adult coloring book, with text sourced from signs at the womens’ marches in January, which I hope will inspire and motivate us in the fight for our lives and that of our planet.

20% of all profits will be donated monthly to organizations that purchasers of the book will select. For complete info on how to get yours, in either a physical, printed product or less expensive, “print your own” digital (pdf) format, visit Color to Resist!

Here are just a few thumbnails of the 32 designs:

Trumpcare’s not dead, it’s just nastier than previous bills. More than sad, it’s sadistic!

Has nobody advised Sen. McTurtle about the negative “optics” of hustling a respected, terminally-ill Senator back to D.C. to vote to start debate on forcing his fellow citizens off their health care plans? 

32 million people losing health insurance is unacceptable in the richest country on earth. The previously estimated 22-24 million wasn’t either, but apparently the gods of avarice and viciousness have told Republicans that things have to get radically worse for Americans before it’s sufficient to appease their acolytes in the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) who worship at their feet in the Church of KOCH and simply cannot wait to take away your vote.

Only the cold-hearted, mean-spirited baker’s dozen of sycophants and other henchMEN who devised it could think Trumpcare is anything but a frat boy’s Ayn-Randian survival-of-the-fittest fantasy translated into Congress-speak. That’s why its proponents must resort to bribes, blackmail and bullying to make it into law.

Mitch  “Sen. McTurtle” McConnell needn’t worry about the repercussions of this massive giveaway to his benefactors — he’s not up for reelection until 2020. With nothing to lose, he just wants to cram this thing through, regardless of voters’ wishes, to show his corporate masters that their continued contributions to his slush fund/SuperPAC are well spent.

After 241 years, America, it’s time we grew the hell up, put on our big kid britches and figured out what kind of country we are versus what we want to be. I don’t believe we can support any budget or policy that further enriches the few already-comfortable at the expense of everyone else. Causing our most vulnerable citizens to die by denying them a right to affordable health care is genocide, pure and simple.

I suppose we should be grateful they didn’t decide to just line up all the folks insurance companies don’t want to insure (the disabled, chronically ill, working poor and the indigent) and shoot us in the head. It would be far cheaper, much faster, too, but the optics of that would be more than a tad off-putting, even in red states.

I am disgusted that this bill is receiving serious consideration, but especially that funding to treat opioid addiction has become the carrot to entice/bribe people into voting for it just to get more funding into their states.

It takes something below bottom-feeding scum-suckers on the evolutionary scale to metaphorically weaponize, for political gain, an addiction causing so much pain and heartache in American families and claiming growing numbers of lives. States need those funds to combat a national scourge, and the federal government needs to pony it up, because the federal government is supposed to support and finance programs for the common good.

If McConnell slivers his way out of the Russia scandal, which, given his reptilian proclivities, is always possible, he should be shamed and ridiculed, loudly and often, until he becomes the poster child for the most cold-hearted, amoral, hypocritical sumbitches ever to hold political office. Anywhere. End of story. That all while he’s praising Jesus for every citizen he can rob of their health care or their wealth share, should not surprise but it most certainly outrage those of us with working moral compasses.

These guys don’t want to drain the swamp, they feed off it!

What they really want is a permanent Republican majority and they will gerrymander, lie, cheat , collude with a sworn enemy and spread around copious amounts of said enemy’s (laundered) money to make it happen.

In case you weren’t paying attention, Paul Ryan’s super PAC accepted over $20 million to spread around on races nationwide from the Kremlin-associated wealthy businessmen, Even McConnell and his leadership PAC wanted in on the treason to the tune of $2.5 million. See Scott Dworkin’s excellent investigative reporting on the subject and his voluminous documentary evidence here. In addition to my friends John at and Susan and her contributors at, the Palmer Report and Louise Mensch at also  have excellent reporting on Vlad  the Puppeteer’s continuing efforts to bring down our democracy now that installing his Mini-Me in our White House hasn’t played out as he might have hoped.

We’re in another fight for America’s soul, and we can’t let the continuing assault on our democracy and our common values go unanswered.

Speaking of America’s soul, is this who we’ve become? Seriously?
Five Florida teens mock, laugh and joke while videotaping drowning disabled man but won’t be punished

When your actions draw the ire of 7,000 nuns, it’s “Katie bar the door time”!

That’s it for now, until the next outrage!