My finished project to help the resistance

I hope all of you who are supporters of the Resistance movement will help me raise money for our non-profits and new media outlets active in the struggle, most of whom are either under attack from the Trump agenda or are woefully undercapitalized to do what they must to keep us informed and involved.

I have created an adult coloring book, with text sourced from signs at the womens’ marches in January, which I hope will inspire and motivate us in the fight for our lives and that of our planet.

20% of all profits will be donated monthly to organizations that purchasers of the book will select. For complete info on how to get yours, in either a physical, printed product or less expensive, “print your own” digital (pdf) format, visit Color to Resist!

Here are just a few thumbnails of the 32 designs:

Trumpcare’s not dead, it’s just nastier than previous bills. More than sad, it’s sadistic!

Has nobody advised Sen. McTurtle about the negative “optics” of hustling a respected, terminally-ill Senator back to D.C. to vote to start debate on forcing his fellow citizens off their health care plans? 

32 million people losing health insurance is unacceptable in the richest country on earth. The previously estimated 22-24 million wasn’t either, but apparently the gods of avarice and viciousness have told Republicans that things have to get radically worse for Americans before it’s sufficient to appease their acolytes in the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) who worship at their feet in the Church of KOCH and simply cannot wait to take away your vote.

Only the cold-hearted, mean-spirited baker’s dozen of sycophants and other henchMEN who devised it could think Trumpcare is anything but a frat boy’s Ayn-Randian survival-of-the-fittest fantasy translated into Congress-speak. That’s why its proponents must resort to bribes, blackmail and bullying to make it into law.

Mitch  “Sen. McTurtle” McConnell needn’t worry about the repercussions of this massive giveaway to his benefactors — he’s not up for reelection until 2020. With nothing to lose, he just wants to cram this thing through, regardless of voters’ wishes, to show his corporate masters that their continued contributions to his slush fund/SuperPAC are well spent.

After 241 years, America, it’s time we grew the hell up, put on our big kid britches and figured out what kind of country we are versus what we want to be. I don’t believe we can support any budget or policy that further enriches the few already-comfortable at the expense of everyone else. Causing our most vulnerable citizens to die by denying them a right to affordable health care is genocide, pure and simple.

I suppose we should be grateful they didn’t decide to just line up all the folks insurance companies don’t want to insure (the disabled, chronically ill, working poor and the indigent) and shoot us in the head. It would be far cheaper, much faster, too, but the optics of that would be more than a tad off-putting, even in red states.

I am disgusted that this bill is receiving serious consideration, but especially that funding to treat opioid addiction has become the carrot to entice/bribe people into voting for it just to get more funding into their states.

It takes something below bottom-feeding scum-suckers on the evolutionary scale to metaphorically weaponize, for political gain, an addiction causing so much pain and heartache in American families and claiming growing numbers of lives. States need those funds to combat a national scourge, and the federal government needs to pony it up, because the federal government is supposed to support and finance programs for the common good.

If McConnell slivers his way out of the Russia scandal, which, given his reptilian proclivities, is always possible, he should be shamed and ridiculed, loudly and often, until he becomes the poster child for the most cold-hearted, amoral, hypocritical sumbitches ever to hold political office. Anywhere. End of story. That all while he’s praising Jesus for every citizen he can rob of their health care or their wealth share, should not surprise but it most certainly outrage those of us with working moral compasses.

These guys don’t want to drain the swamp, they feed off it!

What they really want is a permanent Republican majority and they will gerrymander, lie, cheat , collude with a sworn enemy and spread around copious amounts of said enemy’s (laundered) money to make it happen.

In case you weren’t paying attention, Paul Ryan’s super PAC accepted over $20 million to spread around on races nationwide from the Kremlin-associated wealthy businessmen, Even McConnell and his leadership PAC wanted in on the treason to the tune of $2.5 million. See Scott Dworkin’s excellent investigative reporting on the subject and his voluminous documentary evidence here. In addition to my friends John at and Susan and her contributors at, the Palmer Report and Louise Mensch at also  have excellent reporting on Vlad  the Puppeteer’s continuing efforts to bring down our democracy now that installing his Mini-Me in our White House hasn’t played out as he might have hoped.

We’re in another fight for America’s soul, and we can’t let the continuing assault on our democracy and our common values go unanswered.

Speaking of America’s soul, is this who we’ve become? Seriously?
Five Florida teens mock, laugh and joke while videotaping drowning disabled man but won’t be punished

When your actions draw the ire of 7,000 nuns, it’s “Katie bar the door time”!

That’s it for now, until the next outrage!

Why I’ve been away…

After far too long, I’m back! I apologize for not posting regularly. As a freelance writer, graphic artist and print wiz, I have to work according to my clients’ schedules. I haven’t yet figured out how to turn an obsession with all things political into a living wage. Apparently, content syndicates have a surplus of liberal lesbian loud mouths.

I also don’t get to control whether my clients send work in torrents or trickles. Sometimes I wonder if they conspire to test my limits, everyone holding the brochures, flyers and other projects they need for various advertising purposes until an agreed-upon date that is usually only a week away from when they need product in hand. The past couple of weeks have been like that.

I have also been developing a super-secret endeavor of my own to help us focus and stay motivated, and partially fund, long term, our resistance to the Drumpflethinskin administration and its enablers, particularly House Speaker and Eddie Munster look-alike Paul Ryan, who gleefully rolled out the GOP’s heartless, draconian proposal to replace the Affordable Care Act.

I know that you shouldn’t announce a new endeavor, keep it up for a couple of days, then disappear for two weeks and expect to develop a loyal following. It’s a classic newbie fatal error. But: 1) I got struck with this idea out of the blue; 2) it can’t succeed if I diddle around until someone else beats me to it; 3) it gives us visual inspiration to fuel our resistance.

I’ve obsessed over finishing my project since the idea struck. Because I’m one of those folks that if something pops into my head, it often comes out of my mouth, unfiltered. Some people call that being direct. Some say blunt. Others, terse. Some even tag it nakedly honest.

But I’ve often called it trouble, especially if it is truthful. I know that there is a limit to the human interactions I can engage in before I spill the beans about my idea to someone I shouldn’t. I haven’t yet pinned down exactly how many that is, so any number above 3 puts me at risk of exposure.

Right now, I’m up to around 10.

So I am trying to focus my every effort on getting it ready for its grand debut, and I hope you’ll stick with me until I can get back to regular posts after my secret comes out.

I have been paying attention to current political events even though I haven’t been commenting. How could I not, with every day revealing some development on our national stage that I find wrong-headed or abhorrent? I’m not saying that when Dems are in power that we are perfect, or are situational ethics-averse, or are always on the right side of history because we aren’t. Nobody could be. We’re having a human experience, which is by definition, flawed. Life is a continual classroom. I don’t know about you, but learning, for me, has always required at least a mistake or two. How you deal with them is a reflection of your character.

But I can count on one hand the times when I felt that the leaders of the party allowed Schadenfreude to become policy. The GOP proposal is so heinous, even members of their own party are howling that it is a giveaway to insurance companies at the American peoples’ expense. According to ABC News:

“David Certner, the legislative counsel and legislative policy director for government affairs at AARP, said the plan will ‘stunningly raise’ premiums for older Americans. ‘This is a national problem, in terms of the fact that the older and lower income you are, the bigger the premium hike.'”

The noose seems to be tightening as well around the Drumpflethinskin cabal’s denials of anything other than accidental campaign contacts with the Russian government and its agents. And it’s about damn time.

The Smoking Gun  is reported yesterday that lifelong #45 pal and fellow Roy Cohn protege Roger Stone was in frequent contact with Guccifer, a social media identity US intelligence agencies believe was created and operated under the direction of the highest levels of the Kremlin. Guccifer claims to be the “person” who hacked the Democratic National Committee and uploaded purloined sensitive documents to Wikileaks.

There’s so much smoke surrounding Russian tampering in our elections and the Drumpfster-driven easing of the verbal wrist slap for Kremlin hacking in the Republican party platform that I expect a one of the many investigators from 17 agencies will discover a barbecued quid pro quo paper trail and use the picked-over bones to tempt some of the lesser players in this scandal into ratting out their bosses. Considering the mysterious deaths of nine people allegedly connected to Guccifer and the broader scandal, I’d think that would be an easy sell.

For some excellent reporting on the Russia scandal and other burning topics, I highly recommend Bill Palmer at the Palmer Report.

Thanks for reading, for hanging with me and for your continued support!




Holy crap! There really is a mutiny!

What a difference a day makes! Our power and internet service were out for 26 hours due to a winter storm/falling-tree-meets-power lines situation (it was 20 degrees last night!) so once power came back, I was anxious to find out what dastardly deeds Donald-the-thin-skinned committed in that brief time. He’s been hard to keep up with, so I hated to miss a day.I figured that short of a mushroom cloud on the horizon, we’d be safe, because he’d stay busy arguing inaugural crowd size and not do anything truly outrageous or dangerous until either his alternative facts are accepted or he becomes bored with it.

But the intrigue today doesn’t come so much from he-who-must-be-adored but from his White House staffers! Could this be what happens when you dilly and dally and only hire 29 of the 600 or so personnel needed to run the White House and have to ask those who worked for Obama to stay in their jobs for awhile?

I never expected to read about a real mutiny abrewing in the West Wing (not this early in the administration anyway) or that DT would act as paranoid as Bogart’s Capt. Queeg at his most deranged less than two weeks into his administration.

Apparently staffers are hesitant to give him any bad news, for fear of an angry tirade or personal attack in response, such as the one that accompanied the revelation that members of Trump’s staff and family are registered to vote in more than one state, as is his nominee for Treasury Secretary: his daughter Tiffany, son-in-law/foreign policy adviser (allegedly on how policies impact Trump Org profits) Jared Kushner, Trump mouthpiece Sean Spicer and Steve Mnuchin. This is not illegal, of course, unless they voted in both states.

Investigative reporter Bill Palmer of the Palmer Report reveals that what appear to be rogue White House staffers have joined the resistance through a new Twitter account and they give us the 411 on the chaos behind closed doors in the West Wing. You’ll want to follow not only their account, but the other alt-government accounts listed there which were begun in response to Trump’s order to shut down all social media accounts at federal agencies.

If confirmed, this is eye-popping stuff, including Bloomberg’s reporting the curious fact that the new immigration ban excludes  nations  where the Trump Organization has deals happening. Conflict of interest, much?

And there’s this: Mystery death of ex-KGB chief linked to MI6 spy’s dossier on Donald Trump

Posters on the page refer to the “Unholy Trinity” of Pence, Paul Ryan (our future VP, I’d wager) and Priebus who have formed a united front and also that the “voter fraud” investigation (planned to start in states they didn’t win) is just a scheme to discourage/suppress voter turnout in those states in future elections.

Their posts also reveal that Trump’s top advisers now know about the new Twitter account, and that Bannon is on the hunt for the “heretics” in their midst (that DT allegedly called “a mutiny.”

You should probably check it out before someone identifies the staffers and waterboards them or gets it shut down. If it’s all true (maybe we’ll be able to tell by the spin) I think it’s just more evidence that the great, incurious one has no clue how government works.  He doesn’t care how laws are enacted. He only cares that his swamp cabinet nominees get “affirmed” and he’ll take it from there.

I think that from the start of his roadshow, DT fully intended to reign, not govern He expected us to agree to it because, well, how can you not see his greatness and believed he could do most of it by executive fiat, without having to work with Congress except as a last resort.

He doesn’t play well with others because he thinks he doesn’t need them. The man who doesn’t believe in heroes considers himself the best there is at absolutely everything, so who could possibly measure up, much less be a hero?  Not even his father, whom he called a role model as a negotiator.

Eventually, I hope we can make him wrap that ego with his petulance in a bindle and let him slither on home to a pity party in his gold-plated ivory tower in the Big Apple. He is certainly providing us with plenty of ammunition on his own, and the continuing protests after the Women’s March are working on his last nerve.

He thinks he should get a damn ticker tape parade wherever he goes simply because he played to the worst aspects of human nature, lied through his teeth, invited a foreign adversary to commit espionage against our country by hacking the email of one of our candidates for our nation’s highest office. For this, Mr. Runner Up in the Popular vote wants us to kiss his ring in gratitude? Does he seriously expect there to not be hard feelings anywhere after the degrading, hateful campaign he ran? That we would just say forget about it, brush it off as politics as usual and not respond at all to the vile and, yes, deplorable, politics of personal destruction you so haughtily continue to employ?

Is the White House Photoshopping the Oval Office Occupant’s photos to make his hands bigger?

I’m sure this is only the tip of the iceberg, but it’s all I had time to read today….

Our house is nice and toasty again, so count me grateful for the warmth, and to the standing people (trees) who provide the fuel…

Happy trails!



WH Staff use private email

Yep, the folks who bellowed like angry heifers and wanted to jail Hillary Clinton for using a private email server seem to have a case of pot meeting kettle. Not only is the White House staff using private email stored on an RNC server, it is using the exact same system as the one ol’ George W’s staff got caught using — the one that, I think you’ll recall, accidentally-on- purpose deleted over 22 million emails.

Not hearing much “lock them up” coming from the Trumpsters over this, are we? This provides just another instance of the Republican penchant for sanctimoniously accusing Democrats of what they themselves are guilty.

I’m still waiting to hear the intelligence report on the email server they found in the basement of Trump Tower connected to a Russian bank, so we’ll have to keep an eye out for any efforts to quash the inquiry.



This ain’t good at all

A new study shows that girls as young as six years of age are impacted by gender stereotypes that alter their aspirations later in life. We teach them to think only boys can be brilliant.

We need to figure out how to address this, because after all we’ve been through, after the decades of fighting for our equality, and proving that a woman’s place is as much in the board room as in a kitchen, little girls are still growing up feeling “not good enough.”

So, since we’re all fired up to change things, let’s add this one to our list of priorities, shall we?


Trump’s interview with ABC’s David Muir

Wow. I’m still trying to digest all the dissembling and plain bull shit in Trump’s first interview as POTUS. Just saying that triggers my gag reflex.

I don’t quite know where to start, so I ask your patience as I review the transcript and try to form a logical assessment of what transpired. Trump-speak has a bit of a learning curve if you’re not fluent in dog whistle.

So whilst I cogitate on this blizzard of word salad, here are a few little tidbits to hopefully get your dander up, both political and not.

First, what a difference an election makes. It didn’t take guards on our northern border between Canada and  New York to adopt their new boss’ xenophobia. Check out this story about a group of women, 6 Canadian, 2 French, that was turned away from entering the US because they were headed to the Women’s March. They were also told they would not be allowed to enter on future attempts without a visa (not typically required; there are exceptions, but none that apply to these women or the men in the following case.)

A group of men, two of whom are American citizens, had a similar experience when they informed their border agent they were bound for the Inauguration and Women’s March. Writing from Toronto, the Guardian’s Ashifa Kassam writes (emphasis mine): “After an attempted crossing late Thursday, Montreal resident Joseph Decunha said he was also turned away.

He and the two Americans he was with told the border agent that they were planning to attend the inauguration and the women’s march. The group was brought in for secondary processing, where the border agent asked about their political views, Decunha told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. ‘The first thing he asked us, point blank is, ‘Are you anti- or pro-Trump?’

After being fingerprinted and photographed he was told that his two friends could enter the US, but that he could not. ‘They told me I was being denied entry for administrative reasons. According to the agent, my travelling to the United States for the purpose of protesting didn’t constitute a valid reason to cross,’ Decunha said.

He described the experience – particularly the questions he fielded about his political beliefs – as concerning. ‘It felt like, if we had been pro-Trump, we would have absolutely been allowed entry.’ “

What the hell is next? Will we have to sign loyalty oaths to Trumplethinskin to get a passport or pass some other litmus test of our allegiance? I doubt that our border agents are afraid of a few women protesters. They behaved that way just because the could. We shouldn’t let this incident pass without raising some hell about it or it will keep on happening.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting damn tired of fighting the same neanderthals over and over and over…but we can’t break ranks or take our toys and go home out of frustration because that’s when they win. Divide and conquer is successful only when the conqueree allows the conqueror to divide them.

We have to lock arms literally and figuratively for the long haul if we’re serious about saving the world from those who pillage and plunder.

Well, I’m a bit tuckered, so I’m signing off for today.

Happy trails!