How to resist, if you feel so inclined

A free guide put out by former congressional staffers is a good primer on how to get Congress to listen to you. And it’s gone viral. It’s titled Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda and it will cut the learning curve if you want to start a resistance group in your area and join in national, coordinated resistance actions.

If you’d rather join an existing group, check out United Resistance. The San Diego Free Press has a  good story about the new group formed by several progressive organizations including the Center for Biological Diversity , United We Dream and the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights. The have pledged to  “stand together in support of racial, social, environmental, economic justice for all, and against Islamophobia, xenophobia, racism, homophobia, sexism, and all those forces which would tear apart a democracy of, by, and for all the people.”

“We pledge to take action to support one another, to be accountable to one another, and to act together in solidarity, whether in the streets, in the halls of power, or in our communities every day, the groups state. “When they come for one, they come for us all.”

And don’t forget Resist Trump Tuesdays at Senators’ local district offices nationwide. Each week’s protest will address a different issue. This past Tuesday’s theme was asking Senators to vote against Trump’s swamp cabinet. Visit the site for local actions and next Tuesday’s issue.

Let’s get busy!

The Trump Mutiny

The 1954 classic film The Caine Mutiny starred Humphrey Bogart as a mentally unbalanced US Navy Captain who is relieved of command by his executive officer after the ship’s crew and other officers expressed serious reservations about their skipper’s mental soundness. Just one incident that caused them to question their boss’ fitness for duty had to do with the fresh strawberries the officers ate for dessert that evening. Fresh produce was a rare treat on board a US Navy vessel on a long deployment in the 1940s and 50s (or so my father told me) and I assume it is the same today.

As I recall the film, Capt. Queeg goes to the galley in the evening after “lights out” to help himself to another bowl of strawberries, but none can be found. He does the math, and by his calculations, after all officers’ portions were accounted for, there should have been two servings left. So Queeg rousts everyone from their quarters, gleefully makes a huge production out of “proving” the strawberries exist and orders immediate and repeated stem to stern searches of the vessel to find those last two servings of strawberries. Of course, the searches prove fruitless (the kitchen crew ate them) but not before the good captain comes totally unhinged from reality. The officers are found not guilty of mutiny at their disciplinary hearing when Capt. Queeg’s madness is fully displayed under cross examination.

Trumplethinskin’s investigation to uncover millions of fraudulent ballots cast in the 2016 election is like Queeg’s search for strawberries — I’d bet the investigation will fail bigly and be just a yuuge waste of our money, like the relentless Benghazi and other  investigations that dogged Hillary Clinton…just because Republicans could.

If DT really wants to talk voter fraud, let’s discuss the Crosscheck system that’s so popular with Republican governors who want to disenfranchise voters of color who might possibly vote for a Democrat. Seriously, read award-winning investigative reporter Greg Palast’s work on how easy it is to disqualify voters based upon little more than a common surname.
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